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Hello readers.  This is Joseph Cohen and in this post I would like to give my thoughts on some questions that guys should avoid, at at least avoid answering, on dates.

When you are going on dates, you are bound to get questions about yourself, your thoughts on certain topics or some events in your life. But some questions are just going too far and are really inappropriate. Questions like these can ruin the whole date and may cause it to end prematurely, because really, who wants to be interrogated with questions like these:

How long did your last relationship last, and why did it end?

No one loves talking about past relationships, especially if they ended on bad terms. It will only cause bad memories rise up to the surfacce once again.  This is a question you should not ask even if when you are already in a relationship. But why did it end, she asks? Ermm I don’t know, maybe it was just not working out, maybe she was a total she-devil, the wrong kind of dominatrix, she farts too much, or maybe she outright cheated on you. It is totally inappropriate and it is none of her concern; hit the button, because you don’t want a girl that begins asking questions like these. Next!

Did you ever cheat on someone?

No matter the answer, she will most likely not believe you. Since you just met each other, you both don’t know each other enough to tell when the other is telling the truth or not . For all you know she could be a serial killer, and for all she knows you could be a secret agent. The point is: it is none of her business; you are just going out on a date and are still getting to know each other. Leave out answering this question for when you are getting serious.

How many kids do you want?

Does it matter now? You are dating, not planning an entire clan! These questions scares all men in the beginning, because a woman that is thinking of having kids this early (you are hardly officially boyfriend and girlfriend) is bound up to try and get pregnant, with or without your permission. This girl will only lead to trouble and child support; and she’s likely clingy!

When do you want kids?

“Sorry missy, I gotta go, I just received an important call and em…“ When she pops this question on the first few, pre-official dates, you had better plan an escape route, and plan it FAST! This question is worse than the previous one, because 9 out of 10 times, she wants it sooner than you – way sooner. Questions about kids are way too personal for dates, and questions about having them during dates are the biggest no-no’s in dating history.

How much do you earn?

Really? Is she that impatient or can she really not hide that she is just in for the money? Girls that go for the money never stay when you are running low on budget, and they will not contribute nearly enough or as much as you would like them to contribute. They will pretend to love you as long as you shower them with gifts, jewels and cold hard cash. (And besides, it is common courtesy to never ask about how much anyone earns unless she’s family or something.)

There are many other questions we guys would never want to hear and should lay off answering; and these represent just a fraction of what some women will try to find out about you. But don’t worry, after understanding the right way on how to talk to a girl (a guide from SIBG). There are plenty fish in the sea and many of them will not act like an interrogation officer.

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Good day readers!

After my last blog post, today’s post will focus on the best thing to do when she’s giving you the cold shoulder.

So she doesn’t respond to your cuddles. She looks away when you try to kiss her. She hardly texts you back, gives you nothing but single word responses at most, and grunts and other incoherent sounds at other times.

Why is she giving you the cold shoulder?

There’s no doubt about it – she’s giving you the cold shoulder.

A lot of women do this – not saying anything but letting their body language speak to you. It comes from being called “nags” too often; they reach a point where they feel like they’ve said enough and there’s nothing left to say. So they let their thoughts and feelings come out through body language.

It may seem like a breather and a better option than nagging but every man knows that the cold shoulder is so much harder to deal with and it could be much more serious.

What do you do when she gives you the cold shoulder? How do you get her to talk to you about what’s bothering her? How do you not make things worse (this is the hardest part but try to read this Sonic Seduction blog article)?

What is the best thing to do?

Here are some tips:

Before saying anything, try to figure out why she’s mad at you. Is it that time of the month? If it is, consider yourself lucky. If not, keep thinking. Check the calendar. Is today supposed to be a special day? Did you just miss her birthday or your anniversary? Check your memo – were you supposed to go somewhere or do something and totally forgot about it? Go about the last 24 hours and try to recall everything you’ve said and done – in person, in text, on the phone, on email, and possibly every way you could have done/said it – that might have ticked her off.

Be a sweet little puppy, not a rabid dog. Do not confront her with accusations when you try to let her speak out on what’s making her angry. Instead, be a sweet little puppy, with sad droopy eyes, all cuddly and sad because she is giving the cold shoulder. It might break down her walls, make her speak out and then after that try ways to be sexy.

Don’t push too hard. The thing about girls is that they always need to be ready before they do anything. And when they aren’t, there is hardly anything in the world that can make them do things they feel unprepared for. SO if she says she’s not ready to talk about it, hold your patience much longer and wait until she’s ready to speak out. She will when she can. [11] This may be the hardest part – the waiting – but if you want to resolve things like a good lover, you have to endure it.

Listen before you react. It would be wise to let her speak all of her thoughts out before saying what you think. You’d be in a better position to appease her if you become the sensitive, sweet guy who listens over the guy who starts a fight. Again, mister, patience is key.

When a woman is giving you the cold shoulder, the very first thing to do is be patient. Don’t counter her anger with anger, and you’ll see how much better things will be. This technique works with practically every female and not just your ladylove. So the next time your boss is being a total b_tch, try this out and be amazed. *Wink*

Want to know why? See it here by Mayhemmagazine.

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Howdy readers.  Joseph Cohen here trying to make sense of dating patterns in your 20s and 30s.

When it comes to dating, your 20s and your 30s make up for the most significant formative years. These two decades are the time of trying to experience everything and making life-changing decisions for later in your life.

But what really differs when you’re dating in your 20s and in your 30s? Whether you’re in your 30s and are trying to look back at the past decade, or you are in your 20s and are trying to get a heads up on what to expect in the coming ten years of your dating life, here’s a comparative look at the difference between dating in your 20s and dating in your 30s.

Dating in Your 20s

In your 20s, you try to explore everything related to adulthood. You are getting your first taste of being a grown up and you try to socialize as best and as much as you can. Physically, you tend to accessorize more. Your dating attempts are more careless, experimental, and spontaneous at times. You try to date and bed every girl you meet, and your ego matters more than anything else. And you make the most out of being independent and in full control of your life.

When you’re dating in your 20s, your focus is on excitement and experimentation in relationships. This is the age when you’re most attractive to the so-called cougars too. At this age, the rule on dating is to have fun, fun, fun. And so you look for girls and dates for exactly that same reason.

These are the formative years of your dating and adult life and this is when you find the experiences and the people that make you decide to settle down in marriage or to keep having fun as a single man.

Dating in Your 30s

Did you know that women feel most beautiful at 32?

Around this time in your life, you find yourself slowly losing appetite for wild dates. You realize that going out on clubs every single night to meet girls is not good for your love life and your gall bladder. And you realize that the crowd is becoming younger – so young you don’t understand their language anymore. You ideally would be more focused on your career path in your 30s.

When it comes to meeting women, you may be less appealing to cougars but the younger ladies may seem too young for you that you find it hard to meet halfway. More often than not, women your age are either married, divorced or single with children. This may be a challenge and online dating may be a more lucrative option.

Your attitudes towards women and dating may also have changed at this point, thanks to peer pressure from friends who are getting married and having kids.


Life changes us. We become who we are from everything we experience and everyone we meet. Your dating life in your 20s may not exactly tell how the rest of your dating life will end up. Whatever your age, here are universal tips on being a good flirt with women. Enjoy every experience though; you’re only in your 20s ad 30s for so long! Good luck!

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To most men, being the male version of Plain Jane is enough. As long as there is a shirt on his back, some decent clean-looking pants to go with it, comfortable undies underneath that, and some shoes that could get you by for a few more years, he’s okay.

Of course you think you’re okay, but you might not be good enough to wow a girl.

When it comes to dating, women always love men who try to step up their game in every possible way.  Sure they know how to appreciate the effort, but they do know how to value great results. And this is especially true when it comes to looks. There are ‘manssentials‘ which are the things you NEED, and then there are accessories which you don’t need per se but can be good for you.

Women don’t really need you to go out all fancy and dapper a la Rob Kardashian. But it really wouldn’t hurt if you made an effort to look great, especially when you’re going out on a date.

Accessories and Men


Match your accessories to the occasion. If it is not cold, then don’t wear scarves.

To the Average Joe kinda’ guy, accessories are unnecessary and should be reserved for models and rappers. Most men could get away with wearing nothing fancier than a good ol’ classic looking watch. But there’s more to men’s accessories than just a watch!

Some popular accessories for men include:

* Bracelets
* Necklaces
* Ear studs
* Scarves
* Hats and caps
* Vests
* Belts
* Shades
* Purse, Pouch, Clutch, Bag

As it is with women, the biggest challenge to the non-savvy person when it comes to fashion and accessorizing is to mix and match them. You seriously do not want to look like some guy straight out of a freak show when meeting a girl for a date.

So to make your transition into becoming a more fashionable guy smoother and easier, here are some tips:

Keep it at a minimum. SIBG covered this last week. Do not overdo it. If you’re unsure about mixing and matching your accessories, wear at least one or two pieces at most. Say, shades and a scarf with your trench coat? Or one piece of bracelet at a time to go with your watch?

Don’t wear contrasting leather. Do not wear your black leather watch with a brown leather belt on some blue leather shoes. You’re not gunning for the Mr Rainbow look!

Decide on what look you want to achieve. Do you want to channel your inner Marshall Mathers? Go for your white sneaks, semi-wide pants and your hoodie. A single ear stud will definitely complete the look. Going for a Ryan Gosling? By all means take out your shiny leather loafers and get all other leather goods to math plus one or two gold or silver bracelets.

Match it with the occasion. Who wears their gold necklaces to the beach anyway? If you’re not Mike Tyson, then no – you cannot wear your gold chain necklace to the beach. Wear a buri fedora and some wood bead bracelets instead! Read this if you need more pointers on how to dress for specific occasions.

You need to be comfortable with the accessories you wear. If your accessories do not make you comfortable, don’t push it. You’ll never enjoy the night worrying about what your date thinks about your all-football fan ensemble!

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If your accessories do not make you comfortable, don’t push it.

More often than not, when it comes to women and how to talk to them, how you say something is always more important than what you actually say.

In most every possible way – whether it be about a compliment, a statement, and more importantly a question – the manner by which you express it, the words you use and the very body language you display are all taken into consideration by the female creature before you.

It is very important to know how to properly ask questions to women.

So if you’re going out on a date, or starting an online profile to meet women, just going to a singles event or a party where you expect to meet women, it’s important to know how to properly ask questions. They give out really good pickup tips and advice here. You cannot ever risk being mistaken as being rude, obnoxious, or an outright pervert.

Here are my tips on how to ask questions to women:

Know which topics to avoid, especially if you’re talking to her for the first time. When it comes to asking questions to women, topics such as her weight, her ex, and her finances are the absolute no-can-dos. Should I still point out the obvious and tell you that sexually-laced questions are a no-no too?

Listen to her answers and make follow up questions based on what she said. No, it does not have to sound like you’re representing CNN at a White House press briefing. What I’m saying is, when you ask her a question, listen to her answer because that’s what you want to know. And ask her, subtly to elaborate more on her answer, by giving follow up questions like ‘Really!? How’d you do that!?” or “oh..what happened next?” or “that’s horrible. What did you do about it?” Any follow up question that aims to have her talk more about her answer makes you seem like the interested guy – the very rare ‘good listener.’

Don’t jump right from one question to another. Unless you’re interrogating her for the FBI or the CIA, you don’t want to ask her one different question after another like you’re reading a list of questions mentally. You’re not just there to ask questions – you’re there to converse and that’s exactly what you should do.

Look her in the eye when asking and while she’s talking. Do that because that’s what men with good breeding and manners do.

Observe her body language. Some generally harmless questions may be sensitive topics for her, like family or work. And some girls are just too shy to tell you off, so it is best to be sensitive about how she reacts to your questions. Learn more about female body language here. Usually, when topics are off for a woman, she’d likely break eye contact, fidget with her hands, or just smile and keep quiet. The best thing to do and break the awkwardness that would likely ensue after this episode is to not press on the matter and offer to do something else – like get her a drink.

Allow her to ask you questions too. Don’t be selfish and do all the asking – she deserves to interrogate you too! But before this Q&A, be sure to read on about ways on how to be surprisingly sexy here.

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Hey fellas!  Do you know that there are many ways to define sexy?  This post explores some of the most surprisingly uncommon ones.

‘Sexy’ is not just in the clothes you wear or what women see when you take off your clothes. Sexy goes beyond the thickness of your biceps, the shininess of your six-pack, or the money you have in the bank. In fact, you can have David Beckham’s body and still not be sexy.

Sexy, dear gentlemen, is an attitude that you can wear day in and day out. Being sexy is being irresistible even when you’re wearing your ugliest shirt.

Here are surprising ways to make you irresistibly sexy to women everywhere:

The first thing women notice is hygiene and good grooming. While some women may frown at the thought of sharing a moisturizing kit with her man, being well groomed is something no girl will ever frown at. Clean clothes, clean smell, clean everything – now that’s sexy. It gives them the impression that you will take care of them just as much as you take care of yourself. Okay, being OCD clean can be a different story. Go ahead and start your way to becoming sexy by cleaning your room and taking a shower twice a day.

Great smile. Ahh but of course. Who wouldn’t fall for perfect pearly whites and a smile that goes from your lips all the way to your eyes? Some men are just gifted with great smiles that can turn any ‘No’ to a high flying ‘Yes’. Practice your different smiles for different moments – sweet innocent smile for your girl’s grammy, a seductive little smirk or a naughty half smile with some lip biting on the side for her. Now that’s sexy.

Know when to use the bedroom Voice. You can cloak an average face with the superb-ness of a voice that can make any girl drop her panties. A well-modulated voice makes it easier how to ask girls out for dates. While to others their sexy voices are natural talents, you can always practice making your voice sound sexier. Drop your pitch a little lower, talk a little more slowly, and pair it with a stare that can melt her heart and create such a mysterious aura with just the sound of your voice. Imagine Clive Owen or Jeremy Irons.


A funny guy can take home a girl more easily than a 6-pack guy could.

Humor. A funny guy can take home a girl more easily than a 6-pack guy could and I’d bet my paycheck with you on that. Girls are drawn to humor because laughing is our body’s natural reaction to happiness, to feeling good. And it will send signals to the brain that the person who makes them laugh also makes them happy and they’d want to stick to that. Seriously, who doesn’t want to be happy? See here why laughter is good for relationships. Get on your happy funny-guy vibe and watch yourself joke your way to a woman’s heart. Okay that didn’t sound right.

Show intelligence without being cocky and arrogant. Being sexy is more than just a pretty face or a scorching hot body. Sex can only last long enough and you’d have to have brains to hold on to a conversation and keep a girl interested. So read interesting things, watch more NatGeo, be aware of the news and feed your brain. Give your girl something else other than your body.

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Greetings my loyal readers!

My grandpa always used to say, ‘Never go to war unarmed’. And a date is like serious war for everyone, men and women alike. But while it’s easy for girls to bring a whole purse-full of lipstick, eye makeup, foundation, lotion, hand crème, hand sanitizer, tissues, contact lenses cleaner, band aids, and what have you’s, it is a whole different level of challenge for men.

Most men are not comfortable about bringing their clutches for dates and they feel like they lose some of their manliness or at least become less cool for bringing them on a date. Here’s the good news men: you don’t need a whole wardrobe to take with you on a date, thanks to your being lower maintenance beings than girls. Your clothing and accessories are light and easy to carry without the need for a pouch. You may or may not find these in tips on meeting and dating women, so I’m doing you a favor by listing them for you.

Here are your man essentials – ManSsentials – for your date.

A Clean Hanky – you’ll never know the value of a hanky until you or your date spills a bit of the steak gravy on your clothes; she’ll appreciate you for offering it to her and you can be sure that she’ll never forget you for it. This is also handy when you take her to some serious tear-jerker movie date. It makes you look like the complete gentleman. Tip: spray a little of your perfume on the hanky before leaving the house. You can easily rub the perfumed area on your wrist or the back of your ear for later when you feel like your scent is beginning to wear off. Also, when you offer it to her, she will remember how great you smelled like on that night. Here’s an amusing article about why you should carry a hanky.

Breath mints – whether you’re a smoker or not, you should always keep a pack of breath mints in your pocket. This is an age-old fool-proof technique used by gentlemen and kings to make their breaths crowd-ready, and especially date-ready! So pop some in before you start your date and pop some after a dinner of garlicky chicken. You not only avoid the of risk getting caught in that embarrassing situation where your breath smells like it came straight out of the sewers, but also gets you ready for some smoochin’.

Wallet with both cash and cards – your cards can only be as good as the establishment that accepts them. But what about your tip? Parking fees? Late night date to the ice cream parlor or to the arcade? A little sidewalk snack that clearly does not have a card machine? Keep your card handy, but don’t forget to stash in some cash for the appropriate moments. Don’t forget to bring an ID too!

Always be one step ahead for every date and keep your pockets ready for all your needs. For everything else, stock the following in your car:


Always be one step ahead for every date and keep your pockets ready for all your needs

1. An umbrella
2. A spare coat/jacket
3. An extra shirt
4. A Swiss knife for emergencies
5. Condoms if you’re into that kind of thing (but if action is slow to come for you, make sure you check the expiration date regularly)
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Hello dear readers!

It’s funny how so much can happen in 24 hours! I received a couple of emails in connection with my post about cheating yesterday. There was one particular mail, a hate mail hahaha, that said I should man up and write about women who cheat. Women can cheat as well as men – I have to concede that he has a point. So here you go brotha! Chill.

So how do you find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you? Are there any signs you should watch out for? It’s fairly easy, to be honest. All you have to do is pay more attention to the little details. Basically, if your girlfriend is cheating on you, she will try to cover her tracks as well as possible. So, if your girlfriend seems a bit sneaky, then you can be sure that something is up.

Aside from that, if your girlfriend seems to be making noticeable differences in her daily habits, then she is probably cheating on you. In this case, things that she used to do on a regular basis might suddenly change  without apparent good reason.

But don’t worry guys, your bruised ego will get over this. I stumbled upon this article on dating which should help you cope easily. Lol

The Main Signs of Cheating

Girls who cheat will usually want to meet their secret lovers as many times as they can, so they end up completely disregarding any previous engagements that they might have planned, see website now

If your girl freaks out over the most basic of questions, then you should become suspicious, too. In fact, you should be suspicious of anybody who refuses to answer basic questions, in general. Of course, there might be a reason behind the mystery, such as a surprise party. However, if your girl normally never does things like that, then you should be really wary. Be suspicious if she only answers your questions after repeating them or if she pauses before answering you, as well. This might mean that she is trying to come up with a believable excuse in her head. Generally speaking, when a girl starts to get defensive or hesitates to answer a basic question posed by her significant other, it indicates that she may have something to hide.

Another time when you should be on your guard is if your girl suddenly starts talking about an old colleague or acquaintance, but doesn’t seem to share any specific details about them or is purposely vague about the situation in general. This would hold especially true if she is extra evasive and tries her best to keep the friendship under wraps and refuses to introduce you.

If you usually have no problem communicating with your girl, but every little sentiment that you express seems to set her off and make her lash out of late, then you should be on your guard, as well. When your girl starts to pick fights over every little inconsequential thing, alarms should go off in your head right away.

Another common thing that girls tend to do when they’re cheating is to nag a lot. Nagging seems to help them ease their guilt. So, if your girl habitually starts to pinpoint all of your flaws, you might want to try and figure out what’s up.

Believe it or not, shopping might be a telltale sign of cheating, too. If your girl vanishes for hours on end, just to come back with a ton of shopping bags, she might not have been shopping at all; she might have just been busy with somebody else. Think about it.

Basically, the signs are the same. Although women, in my humble opinion, are less likely to hide their true emotions; It makes it easier for men that way. But remember guys, there are reasons why women cheat. Try to find out whether you had something to do with it.

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