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Hello blog readers!  This is still Joseph Cohen trying to be helpful!

Sooo, blogger huh? The most awesome thing that the internet has done, apart from allowing us to enjoy the heaven-sent power of them search engines, is to create opportunities for everyone to become who they’ve always wanted to be. Take Youtube sensations for example: Michelle Phan was just an ordinary makeup-obsessed girl who loved to make tutorials about make-ups but is now enjoying an awesome cult following and lucrative product endorsements; PSY became a world sensation from being just South Korea’s favorite funny singer; and how could we forget to include Justin Beiber? Justin Timberlake found him on Youtube and now he’s one of today’s biggest names in pop culture.

The internet has the same effect for bloggers. The blogosphere has opened an entire world of opportunities for everyone – from fashionistas to tech savvy dudes to sports addicts and to fetishists. Anyone can be someone on the internet with a simple blog page! You can post about anything you want and make a name for yourself in it if you play your internet cards right.

Because there’s hardly any censoring done on the internet, it’s so easy to write just about anything. And I mean just about anything. Unfortunately, some bloggers are using this almost infinite freedom of the internet to write bad stuff. Others, they just write stupid stuff – not that it’s any better though. And for many male bloggers, they are guilty of making posts that turn women off. Wanna find out what they are?

What male bloggers do that turn women off

But wait, I go to this website for dating advice (it’s good) you may want to see it for additional help. And now!  Here are 5 things male bloggers do that turn women off:

1. Making sexist remarks. There is no excuse for being sexist. But blogging about it makes it more ‘official’ and more memorable – the internet has as great memory you know. So if you’ve made a post about how women should stay more often in the kitchen to make sandwiches for the men, or that women will never be good in electronics, or you made a nasty sexually laced remark about a woman in your post, trust me you’ll never get any likes or visits from women anytime soon – neither on your page nor in real life.

2. Posting unflattering photos of yourself. This is only forgivable, I think, if you are a comic blogger and your blog is intended to be funny and make fun of yourself. Otherwise, it will just turn women off, especially if it comes with a self-deprecating man-drama post or caption.

3. If you insult rather than critique someone or something on your blog. Whether you’re a movie buff or a foodie running a blog of the same theme, you have to know that there’s a world of difference between a classy critique and plain, uneducated insult masking itself as a blog. Criticism, especially in a supposedly serious and professional blog, should not use deprecating words, let alone foul ones. So be careful about your so-called ‘reviews’.

4. Posting offensive stuff and talking about it in an offensive manner. So some celebrity and his girlfriend are on hot seat now after their sex video leak. Maybe two equally infamous celebrities were caught in a brawl. While that and your blog status sort of allows you to voice out your opinion on the matter, it does not give you any right to talk about the issue in a bad, insulting and degrading manner or use violent and inflammatory words. That’s just gross and low.

5. Getting in a word fight with your commenters. If you’ve got quite a following on your blog and you end up with a bad commenter (aka the kind that insults you and starts a word war for what you posted about), it can be easily into a wicked unintelligent banter and exchange of insults with that commenter. But is that an intelligent move? Does that make your other readers respect you? Always, always practice discretion especially in dealing with comments!

Reader Kyle Thompson ( asked me:  “Joseph so are you saying that I should just ignore insulting comments?”

Not necessarily Kyle.  YOu are expected to reply in a calm, respectful and rational manner to your blog readers’comments.  That does not preclude pointing out their comments are below the belt, or, in really bad cases, removing their comments for being offensive to you and your audience.

I hope this post helps those of you who have your own blogs.

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Hello dear readers!

It’s funny how so much can happen in 24 hours! I received a couple of emails in connection with my post about cheating yesterday. There was one particular mail, a hate mail hahaha, that said I should man up and write about women who cheat. Women can cheat as well as men – I have to concede that he has a point. So here you go brotha! Chill.

So how do you find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you? Are there any signs you should watch out for? It’s fairly easy, to be honest. All you have to do is pay more attention to the little details. Basically, if your girlfriend is cheating on you, she will try to cover her tracks as well as possible. So, if your girlfriend seems a bit sneaky, then you can be sure that something is up.

Aside from that, if your girlfriend seems to be making noticeable differences in her daily habits, then she is probably cheating on you. In this case, things that she used to do on a regular basis might suddenly change  without apparent good reason.

But don’t worry guys, your bruised ego will get over this. I stumbled upon this article on dating which should help you cope easily. Lol

The Main Signs of Cheating

Girls who cheat will usually want to meet their secret lovers as many times as they can, so they end up completely disregarding any previous engagements that they might have planned, see website now

If your girl freaks out over the most basic of questions, then you should become suspicious, too. In fact, you should be suspicious of anybody who refuses to answer basic questions, in general. Of course, there might be a reason behind the mystery, such as a surprise party. However, if your girl normally never does things like that, then you should be really wary. Be suspicious if she only answers your questions after repeating them or if she pauses before answering you, as well. This might mean that she is trying to come up with a believable excuse in her head. Generally speaking, when a girl starts to get defensive or hesitates to answer a basic question posed by her significant other, it indicates that she may have something to hide.

Another time when you should be on your guard is if your girl suddenly starts talking about an old colleague or acquaintance, but doesn’t seem to share any specific details about them or is purposely vague about the situation in general. This would hold especially true if she is extra evasive and tries her best to keep the friendship under wraps and refuses to introduce you.

If you usually have no problem communicating with your girl, but every little sentiment that you express seems to set her off and make her lash out of late, then you should be on your guard, as well. When your girl starts to pick fights over every little inconsequential thing, alarms should go off in your head right away.

Another common thing that girls tend to do when they’re cheating is to nag a lot. Nagging seems to help them ease their guilt. So, if your girl habitually starts to pinpoint all of your flaws, you might want to try and figure out what’s up.

Believe it or not, shopping might be a telltale sign of cheating, too. If your girl vanishes for hours on end, just to come back with a ton of shopping bags, she might not have been shopping at all; she might have just been busy with somebody else. Think about it.

Basically, the signs are the same. Although women, in my humble opinion, are less likely to hide their true emotions; It makes it easier for men that way. But remember guys, there are reasons why women cheat. Try to find out whether you had something to do with it.

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Hello guys!  Like most people I seem to be always in a rush – but I never rush headlong into a relationship!

Anything new can be extremely exciting. New shoes, a new ride, a new girl – they can make you giddy and want to take things on a fast pace. Well, everything we have today is fast-paced. You can do ten things at the same time, and get them done in no time too! We at understand this…. and that’s why the SwingStatus Method is deliberately slow.

Relationships have not been spared from this ‘instant’ revolution plaguing our generation. Strangers become couples after a few drinks and calls, and many other things are not given the chance to take on their own time – to take their natural course at it were. However, being deliberately slow is important especially when one is dating a shy girl. This is especially true when one dates a shy girl.

You can lecture me all you want about ‘YOLO’ and how to seize the chance when it gets to you, but really, some things are just better if they get to take their own time, at their own pace, to bloom into their full potential.

If you are starting out in a relationship with a girl and you really, really want to get it on, here are some notes on the benefits of taking things slow. You be might surprised to find out that you agree with most if not all of them…

SwingStatus Guide To Slow Seduction

Taking things slow helps you decide on what you truly want with the other person. Before jumping the gun and becoming a couple, go on a few more dates – without sex or physical intimacy – and actually get to know the person. Sex complicates things and gives that false sense of attachment. Give yourself time to know how well you and the other person are going to be like together. Use fractionation hypnosis to get to know her better.

Give yourself time to measure your level of commitment (and willingness to commit); do yourself and the girl some justice. Maybe you are excited now only to find out later that you’re not in it for the long haul. [5] Discovering this after a few dates will save you the shame and burden of breaking up later.

You need to give yourself and the other person the chance to know each other better, more deeply. Maybe she has quirks that you are not ready and willing to live with? Maybe you are too impatient for her taste? Maybe you don’t agree on certain things and it would be easier to give yourself and the girl room to exit before you both hurt each other emotionally over incompatibility. MSN has got a very useful love compatibility tool which can be found here.

It lessens the pressure for both of you. So you thought you guys were in love. No, you didn’t talk about marriage and it is far from what you guys are planning in the foreseeable future. You moved in together. You get her pregnant. What do you do then? If you took things slowly, this would not have happened. This isn’t some lecture on safe sex; it’s about timing things when it is right, and when you consider the consequences of your actions. (Or at least acknowledge the possibility of those consequences given your current or proposed situation).

Relationships, even the happy ones, are always more exciting in the beginning. But as with anything in the natural world, try not to rush things. Sure you only live once, but at least live the kind of life that’s worth it, not one full of regrets because ‘you took every chance’. Give relationships and the people in it the chance to grow and blossom into the beautiful thing it’s supposed to be. If you take things too fast you might just lose her; if that’s the case then you’d better learn techniques on how to get an ex back – it’s gonna be messy.

In our next blog post, we will investigate more on love compatibility and how to find your true soul mate.  For now, you can choose to sign up for the “Swing Method” by visiting this page:

This is your lucky day dear readers!  Today I am going to share with you an example of a real life application of the Swing Method.

People have different kinds of personalities and we also need to deal with them differently while considering our own personality as well. When it comes to dating, the same principle applies.

When you are dating a shy girl, go for activities that will suit her – like meditation!

Guys should master this art of dating if they want to conquer the heart of the woman that they love. Ironically of all the types of personalities, it is the shy type that is often the most difficult kind to deal with, especially in dating. However, once a guy learns how to deal with a shy type of girl, it would then be easier to successfully break her from the shell and get to know her more. I’ve already covered this at length previously here.

Dating A Shy Girl – What You Need To Know

If you are a lover boy who is desperately trying to date and please a shy woman, then you are in the right place. Read on and discover how shy girls think, what they like, and how you should deal with them. Discover their world and become a total master of this kind of personality.

First of all, you have to know the reason why the girl is shy as well as how shy she really is. Is she only shy when she’s around you? Is she shy with most guys and can easily open up when she’s with girls? Or is she shy with people that she  has just met and would gradually open up when she gets more acquainted? It can be very challenging to determine the nature and causes of her shyness. The more mysterious she is, the more challenging it can be on your part.

Second, bear in mind that these type of girls may not be willing to enter relationships unless they are given an unusually strong guarantee of uncritical acceptance. Consequently, they often have no close friends or confidants. The easiest way to provide uncritical acceptance is to express an accepting attitude toward the girl’s fears, especially the fear of rejection. You might also want to accept the fact that your date might not be willing to have a relationship with you. In that case, just take it slow and start out as a good friend while you get to know her more. This will assure her that your intentions are good and that you don’t intend to hurt her.

Advantages of Dating Someone Shy

The good thing about most shy girls is that they are not as demanding, irritable, or unpredictable as the other types of girls. They express their emotion in an obvious way and they can be simply attractive in that way.  So express how attracted you are with her personality. When you go out together, make her feel that you are very proud to be with her. This will help dissolve her shyness especially when in public.

To learn about some advanced techniques on how to do this and specifically on how to meet women, go to

Ask her what she likes or wants;don’t just assume things on your own. For example, if you want to hold her hands, temper the urge to be aggressive or she might push you away. Instead, ask her if she’s comfortable with you holding her hands or touching her shoulders as a gesture of being a gentleman. However, sometimes, you may not need a verbal agreement; you will know how to proceed by the way she reacts. As previously mentioned, shy types usually express their feelings in an obvious manner, just don’t be too aggressive. To maintain posture, try brainwave entrainment programs as outlined here.

When you finally master her personality, you can formulate strategies to date her in a way that makes you comfortable in each other’s company. In my next blog post, I am going to share with you what these strategies are. 🙂

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Hello blog readers!  Today we have a contribution from my good friend Shirley Koo (you can reach her by emailing – she’s got a good perspective on dating and seduction – and it’s useful to get views from the fairer sex. She will be sharing with us some “instant pickup” tips on how to seduce a woman you’ve just met. For more articles about dating from a woman’s perspective, check this out (opens up in a new window).

Swing Pickup – Dating A Girl You’ve Just Met

Hello everyone, Shirley here.

It’s often awkward to date someone you’ve just known for about half a day or so. A lot of people would never expect a happy relationship out of it. When you meet someone for the first time in your life, there may be that fear of being kidnapped or robbed because you don’t know anything about that person except his name and probably his age. But in life, we always meet new people. Some would stay for a while and some come and go. It can be risky to date a person you just met. But if you take the risk, who knows, it may lead you to the best love story ever told.

Surprisingly, a few people have had successful relationship instantly bloom after dating someone they’ve just met in a bar or in some crowded place. Though there is very little chance that one would like someone instantly at first meet-up a few manage to make it. Love at first sight they call it. A lot of people believe in it. But a lot of others don’t.

Trusting Your Dating Instincts

So how do you know if it’s a good idea to date that person? How do you know that he or she is not messing around with you? The answer is that nobody actually knows. Some who are in a happy relationship and started as total strangers maybe just took the risk and made a big leap of faith. So maybe you just have to trust your natural instincts.

However, if you don’t trust your instincts but you really want to get along with that person, you just have to look for cues– cues that will help you decide if that person is worth dating.

Using Conversational Seduction Techniques

First of all, it’s good to date a person who is very conversational. Not just someone who blows up any kind of conversation but someone who provokes intellectual arousal within you. If conversation with him does not make any sense at all, then that would already be a red flag. See these blog posts here and here for more information on this.

Next, observe if that person listens to you while you’re talking. Make sure he or she listens to you and not just hears you. If the person makes suggestions or opinions, or asks a question about the topic that you just introduced, it means he or she is listening very well. Then you should give credit by listening to the person’s point of view as well. Indeed, listening is the beginning of understanding. People who misunderstand each other would most likely end up arguing with each other all the time. Of course, it’s healthy to argue sometimes. However, if it comes to a point when your argument doesn’t make sense anymore, then it can already be pathological—that should raise another red flag.

That intellectual conversation will surely give you a clue as to whether or not you want to date that person further. After a seemingly long conversation, you may end up exchanging your phone numbers or planning to meet another time. When you’ve reached that state, then you might want to ask her to be your girlfriend – read this following article for more tips on how to do this:-

So will you then call that person? Or will you wait for him or her to call? If your date calls you, then congratulations, you are in for the next level of a new relationship. If not, the person might just be waiting for you to call. It’s actually the next difficult thing that you will encounter and a pretty good subject for another dating article. Watch this space! 🙂

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Hello people.  Joseph Cohen here with the latest installment in the swing method of seduction series. Check out the previous parts of the Swing Methods of SeductionPart I and Part II.

It is a known fact that, on average, men would rather have women approach them and try to grab their attention than work at approaching women the right way themselves. Sadly, this isn’t how things work in the world. Fortunately, though, there is this nifty thing called hypnosis that is guaranteed to get a woman to like a guy without fail every single time. Keep reading to learn four helpful tips on how to effectively hypnotize women into loving you.

Tip Number One: Create a long-lasting connection.

When creating a connection with a woman, you have to make sure that your connection goes far beyond the kind of superficiality that these connections are usually made of. Women prefer being with men who aren’t selfish and who put a woman’s needs above their own every time. So, if you show her that you are one of these men, you can practically guarantee that you will be able to keep her by your side for a long time to come.

Tip Number Two: Get on her nerves.

I know this may be hard to believe but confronting a woman isn’t always a bad thing, especially if you are able to do it without making her angry. Women happen to find conflicts and challenges very stimulating, so you can actually boost her sexual desires to brand new heights if you use this method properly.

Tip Number Three: Be a bad boy.

This may seem counterintuitive but psychology states that women are more attracted to men that they aren’t sure they can have rather than to men that they can get in a heartbeat. This is why women seem to be so drawn to roguish and confident men nowadays. If a woman thinks a man isn’t interested in her, her curiosity automatically piqued and she instantly wants to find out more about him.

Tip Number Four: Use fractionation.

Although all of the aforementioned tips make use of hypnosis in one way or another, this method is the most effective kind of hypnosis out there. True masters of seduction actually use fractionation to hypnotize women into loving them with ease. This also provides deep insights into how to flirt with girls and make them like you quickly.

In a nutshell, fractionation sends women on a roller coaster ride of emotions. These emotional levels that soar high and dip low so unexpectedly make women anchor themselves to the man and this eventually turns into an intense psychological connection that makes them want to jump into bed with him in just 15 minutes. After all, what is love when you can’t satisfy your lust? 🙂

Ideally, the two-step version of this method should be used for the best results. Step one involves you conjuring up happy moments with a woman, either through regular conversation or through a certain phrase. Step two involves you conjuring up sad moments with a woman, but this time much faster than the earlier step.

One of the phrases that you could use to make the transition would be “I have a lot of sad experiences myself. “Do any sad experiences of yours come to mind?” By making a woman experience both emotions in succession, you can get her to turn you into her stimulus and you can then start taking full advantage of this whenever you want to.

In the next part of the series, I will explore further on the female psyche and how you can exploit a “loophole” to make a girl like you.

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I have received so many emails from readers of on my previous blog post that I felt compelled to write a follow-up blog post. But before anything I’d like to point out that many of the techniques and tactics that I outline here are taken from sites like and So, do yourself a favor; go to those sites and start reading. When you’re done reading, get out there and practice what you learned.

The Swing Method of Seduction is actually quite simple. It centers around the thinking that in order to be good with women, a guy has got to be congruent with his inner self first. A major part of self-reinvention is through deep meditation (I recommend using brainwave entrainment techniques for this). Pickup lines and other seduction gimmickry is irrelevant largely because if delivered without congruence they are close to useless.

My favorite relationship guru E. Jean (from the esteemed Elle magazine) summed this up pretty nicely –

Go and read that article; I’ll wait here.

How To Appear Attractive To Women

At this point forget about appearance for a while, even though it’s also important. Focus on how to use “conversational seduction” techniques to seduce women into falling in love with you. With the right techniques on how to seduce a woman with words you will be able to attain tremendous success with women in as little time as possible. Learning how to build rapport is one of the most important things that you will ever learn as a seducer. Believe it.

Skills of rapport building can take shape in any of these forms –

  Knowing when to start, and when to stop

  Learning how to run “multiple conversational threads” so that you do not run out of things     to say

  Body language or non-verbal communications

  Congruency and believability

  Managing group conversations; how to come out on top

After you have mastered conversational skills (if you need more help, search on Google for Colin Simone’s best work), then you can move on to personal grooming. Don’t believe any seduction guru who tells you that looks are not important. If you’re fat, go to the gym and start sweating. Fat people are never attractive in the eyes of women. I heard that even Fat Joe had difficulty getting laid. I am not at all surprised.

Looking good is essential to seduction. And another key component that will make or break your success in love and dating is body language. Experts estimate that as much as 70% of communications are non-verbal. Do not come across as needy and insecure. Practice in front of a mirror. Observe the body language of expert persuaders. Watch James Bond movies and notice how he moves and carries himself.

When you are out in the field approaching women, get a wingman to observe you from afar. Better still, ask him to take a video of you picking up women. Then, during the wingman debriefing session, watch the videos together and ask for honest feedback. With this method, you will be able to be better at dating in no time at all.

If the information in this post does nto satisfy you, feel free to sign up for the “Swing Method” at


Hi guys!  Many of you have emailed me to ask about the existence of what is called the Swing Method – which is used to seduce women quickly (often in the time span of less than ten minutes). I can verify that this dating technique does exist.

It baffles me that most guys tend to still suffer from alack of success with women at this day and age. I could have never believed such a thing (with the advent of the Internet it is pretty easy to learn about dating and seduction techniques – just use Google or a site like, but ever since I have started to receive emails asking about advice on dating and relationships I have realized just how many “Average Frustrated Chumps” (or more commonly known as AFCs in seduction lexicon) are out there in the world.

The Swing Method of Seduction has grown legendary in stature, thanks to regular mentions in online magazines such as The Daily Gossip and also The Libertarian Digest. It is now somewhat as famous as the famed October Man Sequence (which shot to fame after being mentioned once in Neil Strauss’ seminal pickup artist expose cum bestseller “The Game”).

Picking Up Women – The Swing Way

Learning how to pick up girls in less than 10 minutes is a big milestone in my life. I have been researching about the topic of seduction, and it amazes me that it bears so much similarity with other favorite topics of mine, namely persuasion, mind control and hypnosis. Master seducers like Derek Rake have been adapting concepts of “fractionation” inside hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (or known commonly as NLP) into the realm of mainstream  seduction for many years. (For his masterwork, Google his name or the term “fractionation”, or “fractionation seduction”).

Another thing I’m interested in is the use of “outside” technologies, solutions and concepts to overcome basic problems and sticking points when approaching women. For example, brainwave entrainment can be used to overcome nasty cases of the fear of the approach. Many guys want to know how to meet women, but they fail at this very first step. Pickup lines and “routines” do not help much.

I have created this specific dating technique in order to overcome my own fear of approaching women. With the combination of female psychology, persuasion and some advanced mind control techniques, I have devised a no-fail method which I have used to approach as many as 1,000 women in the time span of three years (and yes, that’s about one woman a day). And yes, it has not failed me even once. It’s that powerful, folks.

Flirting with women is a skill set, and as with anything, there is no magic bullet. I love women, and to me quality relationships is indeed everything. I have dated many women, and my girlfriends make me happy. To me, love and pursuit of women is the essence of a healthy life.

Enough rambling – in my next post I will be sharing the Swing Method of Seduction. Watch this space. 🙂

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