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More often than not, when it comes to women and how to talk to them, how you say something is always more important than what you actually say.

In most every possible way – whether it be about a compliment, a statement, and more importantly a question – the manner by which you express it, the words you use and the very body language you display are all taken into consideration by the female creature before you.

It is very important to know how to properly ask questions to women.

So if you’re going out on a date, or starting an online profile to meet women, just going to a singles event or a party where you expect to meet women, it’s important to know how to properly ask questions. They give out really good pickup tips and advice here. You cannot ever risk being mistaken as being rude, obnoxious, or an outright pervert.

Here are my tips on how to ask questions to women:

Know which topics to avoid, especially if you’re talking to her for the first time. When it comes to asking questions to women, topics such as her weight, her ex, and her finances are the absolute no-can-dos. Should I still point out the obvious and tell you that sexually-laced questions are a no-no too?

Listen to her answers and make follow up questions based on what she said. No, it does not have to sound like you’re representing CNN at a White House press briefing. What I’m saying is, when you ask her a question, listen to her answer because that’s what you want to know. And ask her, subtly to elaborate more on her answer, by giving follow up questions like ‘Really!? How’d you do that!?” or “oh..what happened next?” or “that’s horrible. What did you do about it?” Any follow up question that aims to have her talk more about her answer makes you seem like the interested guy – the very rare ‘good listener.’

Don’t jump right from one question to another. Unless you’re interrogating her for the FBI or the CIA, you don’t want to ask her one different question after another like you’re reading a list of questions mentally. You’re not just there to ask questions – you’re there to converse and that’s exactly what you should do.

Look her in the eye when asking and while she’s talking. Do that because that’s what men with good breeding and manners do.

Observe her body language. Some generally harmless questions may be sensitive topics for her, like family or work. And some girls are just too shy to tell you off, so it is best to be sensitive about how she reacts to your questions. Learn more about female body language here. Usually, when topics are off for a woman, she’d likely break eye contact, fidget with her hands, or just smile and keep quiet. The best thing to do and break the awkwardness that would likely ensue after this episode is to not press on the matter and offer to do something else – like get her a drink.

Allow her to ask you questions too. Don’t be selfish and do all the asking – she deserves to interrogate you too! But before this Q&A, be sure to read on about ways on how to be surprisingly sexy here.

Knowing how to properly ask questions can literally make or break your chances of a long term relationship.  I’d be happy to help especially if you visit and sign up for the “Swing Method.”