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Hello readers.  This is Joseph Cohen and in this post I would like to give my thoughts on some questions that guys should avoid, at at least avoid answering, on dates.

When you are going on dates, you are bound to get questions about yourself, your thoughts on certain topics or some events in your life. But some questions are just going too far and are really inappropriate. Questions like these can ruin the whole date and may cause it to end prematurely, because really, who wants to be interrogated with questions like these:

How long did your last relationship last, and why did it end?

No one loves talking about past relationships, especially if they ended on bad terms. It will only cause bad memories rise up to the surfacce once again.  This is a question you should not ask even if when you are already in a relationship. But why did it end, she asks? Ermm I don’t know, maybe it was just not working out, maybe she was a total she-devil, the wrong kind of dominatrix, she farts too much, or maybe she outright cheated on you. It is totally inappropriate and it is none of her concern; hit the button, because you don’t want a girl that begins asking questions like these. Next!

Did you ever cheat on someone?

No matter the answer, she will most likely not believe you. Since you just met each other, you both don’t know each other enough to tell when the other is telling the truth or not . For all you know she could be a serial killer, and for all she knows you could be a secret agent. The point is: it is none of her business; you are just going out on a date and are still getting to know each other. Leave out answering this question for when you are getting serious.

How many kids do you want?

Does it matter now? You are dating, not planning an entire clan! These questions scares all men in the beginning, because a woman that is thinking of having kids this early (you are hardly officially boyfriend and girlfriend) is bound up to try and get pregnant, with or without your permission. This girl will only lead to trouble and child support; and she’s likely clingy!

When do you want kids?

“Sorry missy, I gotta go, I just received an important call and em…“ When she pops this question on the first few, pre-official dates, you had better plan an escape route, and plan it FAST! This question is worse than the previous one, because 9 out of 10 times, she wants it sooner than you – way sooner. Questions about kids are way too personal for dates, and questions about having them during dates are the biggest no-no’s in dating history.

How much do you earn?

Really? Is she that impatient or can she really not hide that she is just in for the money? Girls that go for the money never stay when you are running low on budget, and they will not contribute nearly enough or as much as you would like them to contribute. They will pretend to love you as long as you shower them with gifts, jewels and cold hard cash. (And besides, it is common courtesy to never ask about how much anyone earns unless she’s family or something.)

There are many other questions we guys would never want to hear and should lay off answering; and these represent just a fraction of what some women will try to find out about you. But don’t worry, after understanding the right way on how to talk to a girl (a guide from SIBG). There are plenty fish in the sea and many of them will not act like an interrogation officer.

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