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To most men, being the male version of Plain Jane is enough. As long as there is a shirt on his back, some decent clean-looking pants to go with it, comfortable undies underneath that, and some shoes that could get you by for a few more years, he’s okay.

Of course you think you’re okay, but you might not be good enough to wow a girl.

When it comes to dating, women always love men who try to step up their game in every possible way.  Sure they know how to appreciate the effort, but they do know how to value great results. And this is especially true when it comes to looks. There are ‘manssentials‘ which are the things you NEED, and then there are accessories which you don’t need per se but can be good for you.

Women don’t really need you to go out all fancy and dapper a la Rob Kardashian. But it really wouldn’t hurt if you made an effort to look great, especially when you’re going out on a date.

Accessories and Men


Match your accessories to the occasion. If it is not cold, then don’t wear scarves.

To the Average Joe kinda’ guy, accessories are unnecessary and should be reserved for models and rappers. Most men could get away with wearing nothing fancier than a good ol’ classic looking watch. But there’s more to men’s accessories than just a watch!

Some popular accessories for men include:

* Bracelets
* Necklaces
* Ear studs
* Scarves
* Hats and caps
* Vests
* Belts
* Shades
* Purse, Pouch, Clutch, Bag

As it is with women, the biggest challenge to the non-savvy person when it comes to fashion and accessorizing is to mix and match them. You seriously do not want to look like some guy straight out of a freak show when meeting a girl for a date.

So to make your transition into becoming a more fashionable guy smoother and easier, here are some tips:

Keep it at a minimum. SIBG covered this last week. Do not overdo it. If you’re unsure about mixing and matching your accessories, wear at least one or two pieces at most. Say, shades and a scarf with your trench coat? Or one piece of bracelet at a time to go with your watch?

Don’t wear contrasting leather. Do not wear your black leather watch with a brown leather belt on some blue leather shoes. You’re not gunning for the Mr Rainbow look!

Decide on what look you want to achieve. Do you want to channel your inner Marshall Mathers? Go for your white sneaks, semi-wide pants and your hoodie. A single ear stud will definitely complete the look. Going for a Ryan Gosling? By all means take out your shiny leather loafers and get all other leather goods to math plus one or two gold or silver bracelets.

Match it with the occasion. Who wears their gold necklaces to the beach anyway? If you’re not Mike Tyson, then no – you cannot wear your gold chain necklace to the beach. Wear a buri fedora and some wood bead bracelets instead! Read this if you need more pointers on how to dress for specific occasions.

You need to be comfortable with the accessories you wear. If your accessories do not make you comfortable, don’t push it. You’ll never enjoy the night worrying about what your date thinks about your all-football fan ensemble!

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If your accessories do not make you comfortable, don’t push it.