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After my last blog post, today’s post will focus on the best thing to do when she’s giving you the cold shoulder.

So she doesn’t respond to your cuddles. She looks away when you try to kiss her. She hardly texts you back, gives you nothing but single word responses at most, and grunts and other incoherent sounds at other times.

Why is she giving you the cold shoulder?

There’s no doubt about it – she’s giving you the cold shoulder.

A lot of women do this – not saying anything but letting their body language speak to you. It comes from being called “nags” too often; they reach a point where they feel like they’ve said enough and there’s nothing left to say. So they let their thoughts and feelings come out through body language.

It may seem like a breather and a better option than nagging but every man knows that the cold shoulder is so much harder to deal with and it could be much more serious.

What do you do when she gives you the cold shoulder? How do you get her to talk to you about what’s bothering her? How do you not make things worse (this is the hardest part but try to read this Sonic Seduction blog article)?

What is the best thing to do?

Here are some tips:

Before saying anything, try to figure out why she’s mad at you. Is it that time of the month? If it is, consider yourself lucky. If not, keep thinking. Check the calendar. Is today supposed to be a special day? Did you just miss her birthday or your anniversary? Check your memo – were you supposed to go somewhere or do something and totally forgot about it? Go about the last 24 hours and try to recall everything you’ve said and done – in person, in text, on the phone, on email, and possibly every way you could have done/said it – that might have ticked her off.

Be a sweet little puppy, not a rabid dog. Do not confront her with accusations when you try to let her speak out on what’s making her angry. Instead, be a sweet little puppy, with sad droopy eyes, all cuddly and sad because she is giving the cold shoulder. It might break down her walls, make her speak out and then after that try ways to be sexy.

Don’t push too hard. The thing about girls is that they always need to be ready before they do anything. And when they aren’t, there is hardly anything in the world that can make them do things they feel unprepared for. SO if she says she’s not ready to talk about it, hold your patience much longer and wait until she’s ready to speak out. She will when she can. [11] This may be the hardest part – the waiting – but if you want to resolve things like a good lover, you have to endure it.

Listen before you react. It would be wise to let her speak all of her thoughts out before saying what you think. You’d be in a better position to appease her if you become the sensitive, sweet guy who listens over the guy who starts a fight. Again, mister, patience is key.

When a woman is giving you the cold shoulder, the very first thing to do is be patient. Don’t counter her anger with anger, and you’ll see how much better things will be. This technique works with practically every female and not just your ladylove. So the next time your boss is being a total b_tch, try this out and be amazed. *Wink*

Want to know why? See it here by Mayhemmagazine.

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