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My grandpa always used to say, ‘Never go to war unarmed’. And a date is like serious war for everyone, men and women alike. But while it’s easy for girls to bring a whole purse-full of lipstick, eye makeup, foundation, lotion, hand crème, hand sanitizer, tissues, contact lenses cleaner, band aids, and what have you’s, it is a whole different level of challenge for men.

Most men are not comfortable about bringing their clutches for dates and they feel like they lose some of their manliness or at least become less cool for bringing them on a date. Here’s the good news men: you don’t need a whole wardrobe to take with you on a date, thanks to your being lower maintenance beings than girls. Your clothing and accessories are light and easy to carry without the need for a pouch. You may or may not find these in tips on meeting and dating women, so I’m doing you a favor by listing them for you.

Here are your man essentials – ManSsentials – for your date.

A Clean Hanky – you’ll never know the value of a hanky until you or your date spills a bit of the steak gravy on your clothes; she’ll appreciate you for offering it to her and you can be sure that she’ll never forget you for it. This is also handy when you take her to some serious tear-jerker movie date. It makes you look like the complete gentleman. Tip: spray a little of your perfume on the hanky before leaving the house. You can easily rub the perfumed area on your wrist or the back of your ear for later when you feel like your scent is beginning to wear off. Also, when you offer it to her, she will remember how great you smelled like on that night. Here’s an amusing article about why you should carry a hanky.

Breath mints – whether you’re a smoker or not, you should always keep a pack of breath mints in your pocket. This is an age-old fool-proof technique used by gentlemen and kings to make their breaths crowd-ready, and especially date-ready! So pop some in before you start your date and pop some after a dinner of garlicky chicken. You not only avoid the of risk getting caught in that embarrassing situation where your breath smells like it came straight out of the sewers, but also gets you ready for some smoochin’.

Wallet with both cash and cards – your cards can only be as good as the establishment that accepts them. But what about your tip? Parking fees? Late night date to the ice cream parlor or to the arcade? A little sidewalk snack that clearly does not have a card machine? Keep your card handy, but don’t forget to stash in some cash for the appropriate moments. Don’t forget to bring an ID too!

Always be one step ahead for every date and keep your pockets ready for all your needs. For everything else, stock the following in your car:


Always be one step ahead for every date and keep your pockets ready for all your needs

1. An umbrella
2. A spare coat/jacket
3. An extra shirt
4. A Swiss knife for emergencies
5. Condoms if you’re into that kind of thing (but if action is slow to come for you, make sure you check the expiration date regularly)
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