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Hey people!  Have you ever wondered whether exes can remain friends?

To say that “exes can be friends” can spark a debate that can be just as impassioned as anything that Democrats and Republicans experience a regular basis. So can exes really be friends?

Whether she cheated on you or you cheated on her, yes, you can be friends; but should you be friends? Under what circumstances can you say you can never really let the incident go and totally forget about the thought of each other’s existence? What do friends mean? Do you hang out with each other? Or is being mutually civil pass up as being ‘friends’? They say ‘time heals all wounds’, but how long would it take? And under what circumstances?

Hard Work

See, there are tons and tons of things to talk about when it comes to exes being friends. And while I can never fully answer those questions for you, I can only tell you this: there certainly is a lot of work to do if you are looking towards a platonic, non-dysfunctional and more socially acceptable relationship with your past love.

Here are some ways that you, dear men, can win your exes back not as lovers but as friends:

Do not rush it. This is what most men just cannot quite get. Which part of ‘do not rush’ is hardest to understand? Sure, there are certain scenarios where boyfriends and girlfriends somehow realize they are not for each other and they break up today, they are friends tomorrow. But sadly, this is not the case for most people. You’d have to wait ‘til she feels she’s ready to look at you without either getting mad or crying.

Do not expect too much. She was hurt. She was mad. Or maybe she still is, even when she can look at you in the face and be totally civil with you. She will not welcome you with a hug or say thanks to you (except when she has fully realized how much better her life is when you guys broke up) and she may not even tell you that naughty thought in her mind that you used to know at one glance. Dude, things have changed. And remember, if there are reasons why you should be friends with your ex, there are also reasons why you shouldn’t be friends.

Respect her boundaries. And since you are not to expect anything from her, you should also be able to respect where she places herself in this so-called renewed friendship with you. If she does not want to go out with you, even for “old times’ sake”, do not easily assume that is because she still has feelings for you. She just does not like your face all that much anymore, and I wish I was really just kidding about that.

Do not talk about feelings, your new girlfriend, or the past. Out of respect, out of good humor and well wishes for a better future, and out of logic and etiquette, these things are not recommended topics for conversation when you’re trying to be friends with your former ladylove. [11] And don’t think you can get away with a simple subtle joke about her dating life or the new guy in her life.

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Hello dear readers!

It’s funny how so much can happen in 24 hours! I received a couple of emails in connection with my post about cheating yesterday. There was one particular mail, a hate mail hahaha, that said I should man up and write about women who cheat. Women can cheat as well as men – I have to concede that he has a point. So here you go brotha! Chill.

So how do you find out if your girlfriend is cheating on you? Are there any signs you should watch out for? It’s fairly easy, to be honest. All you have to do is pay more attention to the little details. Basically, if your girlfriend is cheating on you, she will try to cover her tracks as well as possible. So, if your girlfriend seems a bit sneaky, then you can be sure that something is up.

Aside from that, if your girlfriend seems to be making noticeable differences in her daily habits, then she is probably cheating on you. In this case, things that she used to do on a regular basis might suddenly change  without apparent good reason.

But don’t worry guys, your bruised ego will get over this. I stumbled upon this article on dating which should help you cope easily. Lol

The Main Signs of Cheating

Girls who cheat will usually want to meet their secret lovers as many times as they can, so they end up completely disregarding any previous engagements that they might have planned, see website now

If your girl freaks out over the most basic of questions, then you should become suspicious, too. In fact, you should be suspicious of anybody who refuses to answer basic questions, in general. Of course, there might be a reason behind the mystery, such as a surprise party. However, if your girl normally never does things like that, then you should be really wary. Be suspicious if she only answers your questions after repeating them or if she pauses before answering you, as well. This might mean that she is trying to come up with a believable excuse in her head. Generally speaking, when a girl starts to get defensive or hesitates to answer a basic question posed by her significant other, it indicates that she may have something to hide.

Another time when you should be on your guard is if your girl suddenly starts talking about an old colleague or acquaintance, but doesn’t seem to share any specific details about them or is purposely vague about the situation in general. This would hold especially true if she is extra evasive and tries her best to keep the friendship under wraps and refuses to introduce you.

If you usually have no problem communicating with your girl, but every little sentiment that you express seems to set her off and make her lash out of late, then you should be on your guard, as well. When your girl starts to pick fights over every little inconsequential thing, alarms should go off in your head right away.

Another common thing that girls tend to do when they’re cheating is to nag a lot. Nagging seems to help them ease their guilt. So, if your girl habitually starts to pinpoint all of your flaws, you might want to try and figure out what’s up.

Believe it or not, shopping might be a telltale sign of cheating, too. If your girl vanishes for hours on end, just to come back with a ton of shopping bags, she might not have been shopping at all; she might have just been busy with somebody else. Think about it.

Basically, the signs are the same. Although women, in my humble opinion, are less likely to hide their true emotions; It makes it easier for men that way. But remember guys, there are reasons why women cheat. Try to find out whether you had something to do with it.

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Hi guys!  This is still Joseph Cohen. I teach seduction techniques and yet I say cheating is bad!  Confused?  Let me explain.

No matter the consequences, cheating is bad. Oh, and practically meaningless.  This is a well known fact no matter how often people disregard it. I don’t even see the purpose of me writing this. I don’t understand this massive percentage of the male populace that cannot stop themselves from cheating.

Whether cheating is genetic or not is not an excuse. Seriously, guys, it does not at all make you better men – if at all, it makes you worse. And oh, it can only  enlarge your ego, not your “package”.

Whether cheating is genetic is not an excuse to practice it.

And while I find it unnecessary to give this explanation, it is unfortunate that some men’s common sense have totally been taken over by their common urges. So here’s the simplest, most honest way to tell you the reasons why you should not EVER cheat:

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side; it only looks that way. No one is perfect – and when your perspective is flawed right from the start, no woman will ever be good enough for you. Man, there will always be someone better than your girlfriend; it’s just a matter of finding who’s right for you and cheating is never the way to find out.

One’s lonely, two’s a party and three’s a crowd. If you are having problems with your current flame, [15] will adding another person be of any help? Yes, exactly as I thought: NOTHING. And if you’re happy with your relationship, what could be the most logical reason to add another person? Too much love to give? Or too much lust it’s greed?

Fight or flight? Man’s instinct tells him that there are two ways to deal with a problem; it’s called the fight or flight response. If you’re having problems with your relationship, your instinct tells you to either take flight: leave the relationship (nicely and decently, I hope) or fight: try to fix the problem. Now tell me honey, which part of this says you further complicate matters by taking in another person?

Cheating is the ultimate sign of cowardice. You are too chickened out at the thought of losing the “comfort zone” you’ve built with your current girl, while looking to enjoy the comforts of another. And you’re doing that at the expense of someone else’s emotion. How selfish and sissy can you be for a man?

Beware of contracting STD. the best and most fool-proof way to avoid getting STD’s is complete abstinence. Next to that is sticking to just one sexual partner. Does this need any more explaining? The more you cheat, the more you expose yourself to risks of contracting these kinds of diseases.

Cheating eventually leads to loneliness. When your girl gets tired of your philandering ways, she’ll leave you. Sure, you’d be able to hook up with someone, I’ve read techniques on how to do it easily (and honestly one of my favorite blogs is about it). But every other girlfriend you have or you would have would leave you eventually. A woman can only trust and forgive so much; so when your good girl is done with you, and all your flings are tired of you, prepare yourself to go home to an empty loveseat.

You probably think that I’m crazy, writing about stuff about seduction and now I’m telling you not to cheat. Hey, I NEVER said they’re one and the same! Really, it does not take a pure genius to know and understand that cheating is never the answer. If you’re unhappy, leave. Face it like the man you supposedly are and resolve it the same way.

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