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Hey fellas!  Do you know that there are many ways to define sexy?  This post explores some of the most surprisingly uncommon ones.

‘Sexy’ is not just in the clothes you wear or what women see when you take off your clothes. Sexy goes beyond the thickness of your biceps, the shininess of your six-pack, or the money you have in the bank. In fact, you can have David Beckham’s body and still not be sexy.

Sexy, dear gentlemen, is an attitude that you can wear day in and day out. Being sexy is being irresistible even when you’re wearing your ugliest shirt.

Here are surprising ways to make you irresistibly sexy to women everywhere:

The first thing women notice is hygiene and good grooming. While some women may frown at the thought of sharing a moisturizing kit with her man, being well groomed is something no girl will ever frown at. Clean clothes, clean smell, clean everything – now that’s sexy. It gives them the impression that you will take care of them just as much as you take care of yourself. Okay, being OCD clean can be a different story. Go ahead and start your way to becoming sexy by cleaning your room and taking a shower twice a day.

Great smile. Ahh but of course. Who wouldn’t fall for perfect pearly whites and a smile that goes from your lips all the way to your eyes? Some men are just gifted with great smiles that can turn any ‘No’ to a high flying ‘Yes’. Practice your different smiles for different moments – sweet innocent smile for your girl’s grammy, a seductive little smirk or a naughty half smile with some lip biting on the side for her. Now that’s sexy.

Know when to use the bedroom Voice. You can cloak an average face with the superb-ness of a voice that can make any girl drop her panties. A well-modulated voice makes it easier how to ask girls out for dates. While to others their sexy voices are natural talents, you can always practice making your voice sound sexier. Drop your pitch a little lower, talk a little more slowly, and pair it with a stare that can melt her heart and create such a mysterious aura with just the sound of your voice. Imagine Clive Owen or Jeremy Irons.


A funny guy can take home a girl more easily than a 6-pack guy could.

Humor. A funny guy can take home a girl more easily than a 6-pack guy could and I’d bet my paycheck with you on that. Girls are drawn to humor because laughing is our body’s natural reaction to happiness, to feeling good. And it will send signals to the brain that the person who makes them laugh also makes them happy and they’d want to stick to that. Seriously, who doesn’t want to be happy? See here why laughter is good for relationships. Get on your happy funny-guy vibe and watch yourself joke your way to a woman’s heart. Okay that didn’t sound right.

Show intelligence without being cocky and arrogant. Being sexy is more than just a pretty face or a scorching hot body. Sex can only last long enough and you’d have to have brains to hold on to a conversation and keep a girl interested. So read interesting things, watch more NatGeo, be aware of the news and feed your brain. Give your girl something else other than your body.

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