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Hi guys!  Many of you have emailed me to ask about the existence of what is called the Swing Method – which is used to seduce women quickly (often in the time span of less than ten minutes). I can verify that this dating technique does exist.

It baffles me that most guys tend to still suffer from alack of success with women at this day and age. I could have never believed such a thing (with the advent of the Internet it is pretty easy to learn about dating and seduction techniques – just use Google or a site like, but ever since I have started to receive emails asking about advice on dating and relationships I have realized just how many “Average Frustrated Chumps” (or more commonly known as AFCs in seduction lexicon) are out there in the world.

The Swing Method of Seduction has grown legendary in stature, thanks to regular mentions in online magazines such as The Daily Gossip and also The Libertarian Digest. It is now somewhat as famous as the famed October Man Sequence (which shot to fame after being mentioned once in Neil Strauss’ seminal pickup artist expose cum bestseller “The Game”).

Picking Up Women – The Swing Way

Learning how to pick up girls in less than 10 minutes is a big milestone in my life. I have been researching about the topic of seduction, and it amazes me that it bears so much similarity with other favorite topics of mine, namely persuasion, mind control and hypnosis. Master seducers like Derek Rake have been adapting concepts of “fractionation” inside hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (or known commonly as NLP) into the realm of mainstream  seduction for many years. (For his masterwork, Google his name or the term “fractionation”, or “fractionation seduction”).

Another thing I’m interested in is the use of “outside” technologies, solutions and concepts to overcome basic problems and sticking points when approaching women. For example, brainwave entrainment can be used to overcome nasty cases of the fear of the approach. Many guys want to know how to meet women, but they fail at this very first step. Pickup lines and “routines” do not help much.

I have created this specific dating technique in order to overcome my own fear of approaching women. With the combination of female psychology, persuasion and some advanced mind control techniques, I have devised a no-fail method which I have used to approach as many as 1,000 women in the time span of three years (and yes, that’s about one woman a day). And yes, it has not failed me even once. It’s that powerful, folks.

Flirting with women is a skill set, and as with anything, there is no magic bullet. I love women, and to me quality relationships is indeed everything. I have dated many women, and my girlfriends make me happy. To me, love and pursuit of women is the essence of a healthy life.

Enough rambling – in my next post I will be sharing the Swing Method of Seduction. Watch this space. 🙂

You can now sign up for the “Swing Method” at this page:

Written by Joseph Cohen

Joseph Cohen

I am a lover of life. Swing with me! Email:

Joseph Cohen


I am a lover of life. Swing with me! Email:

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